Zithulele Village, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Solar Learning Lab in Zithulele Village in Eastern Cape, South Africa has been deployed on the site of our local charity partner, Sihamba Sonke.  

Zithulele Village is a remote village where the local students have little access to technology. We hope this lab will be the start of a lifetime of learning for the local community.

Since the initial installation, there has been a second container added to create a double lab. With this increased capacity, our local partners are expecting the community to be able to use the lab for individual projects as well as the regularly scheduled classes.

Technology in this project is a tool of transformation and participation. The Solar Learning Lab will enable the teaching of ICT capabilities and 21st century skills that are today critical for students to succeed professionally in the modern world. With Dell’s support in supplying the latest technology the Solar Learning Lab also delivers an important message of inclusion and change for traditionally marginalized and excluded communities. A lack of up-to-date learning resources prevents many rural young students from accessing the same opportunities as their peers with an effect on their competitiveness and confidence levels when enrolling in further education. This program will work to break this cycle and prove to the beneficiary institution and their students that they deserve the best innovative spaces and tools for learning and bridge the digital divide in communities where this would have the greatest impact.