State Senior High School, Lagos, Nigeria

One of the first Solar Learning Labs, this project was deployed at State Senior High School (SSHS) in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. Funded and supported by Dell, Computer Aid aimed to transform the education process of students at the State Senior High School in Lagos Nigeria from 2013 when the deployment of the Dell Solar Powered Learning Lab enabled the school to first access computers and the internet. We provided ICT and leadership training to the teachers at SSHS who have been cascading this knowledge impacting more than 182 students. The program was delivered with the support of Computer Aid local partners in Nigeria: LEAP Africa and The Murtala Muhammed Foundation.

More than 182 students benefited directly from the program and the technology infrastructure of the school was improved by creating a projection room as a new space for interactive learning and providing technology in the Solar Lab with a PowerEdgeT320 server and Thin Clients. 


The ICT and Leadership training was delivered to 10 teachers. Two weeks of ICT training was delivered by The Murtala Muhammed foundation (MMF) to allow teachers to leverage the technology in the Solar Learning Lab to enhance their lessons. This was followed by one week of Leadership training delivered by LEAP Africa enabling teachers to deliver 21st century skills relevant to the students at SSHS, using technology in the Solar Learning Lab.  The local Dell team’s technical support was critical to the program and as a result the team has committed more than 72 hours of volunteer engagement with the school in 2015. 


3 weeks of ICT and 11 weeks of the Leadership program was delivered to 182 participating students, when available using the computers within the Solar Learning Lab to enhance the lessons. Due to the demand and the size of the classes, teachers’ decided to extend the program to 18 students per lesson and encourage students to share access to the PCs.

Two students from SSHS use the computer in the lab

Baseline Survey
Year 1

Endline Survey
Year 3