Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is a solar lab?

A.Our Solar Learning Lab is a Solar-Powered Computer Lab built in a shipping container to allow ICT access in even the remotest locations. We have designed the program to build our local partners ability to coach students in the 21st-century skills which will be most useful to them and their local communities. We achieve this by bringing expert, in-country trainers to the labs. The specific objectives are: ·         To provide resource-rich learning space that brings together ·         To benefit local education institutions with high-quality training partners ·         To empower educators in their ability to provide valuable 21st-century digital skills Intensive, hands-on training programmes inspire young people, develop their confidence in ICT, enable them to find fulfilling employment and enhance the quality of their lives. We’re installing these labs in areas which otherwise wouldn’t have access to ICT, potentially due to cost, unreliable power supplies or lack of resources.

Q.How many labs do we want to build?

A.Our goal is to build 50 labs across South Africa

Q.We want to have a conversation about sponsoring a Lab, who should we contact?

A.We're happy to discuss all aspects of sponsorship - please drop Alejandro an email to discuss it further

Q.We’re an organisation in South Africa and we’d to help, how can we do that?

A.The best way to help is through a corporate donation, but we are also happy to accept volunteers and donations of equipment, please contact Alejandro to discuss further

Q.Do you accept international donations?

A.Please note that all donations shown here are in USD, we're happy to accept donations in ZAR or GBP, but please contact Ludovic to discuss