Artist Alejandro Díaz explains mural design

Our Solar Learning Lab in Ecatepec, Mexico has had a makeover by local artist Alejandro Díaz. With all our labs, we employ a local artist to create a fun, bright and engaging mural. We believe this helps to make the lab feel more like part of the local community and makes it more inviting, especially to the younger users. We work with local artists to make sure the mural design reflects elements of the area and culture. This is our first mural which will have a digital interaction element to it, here our local artist Alejandro Diaz explains his process of creating the design. ⁠

This colourful and creative mural draws inspiration from the idea of a “Cosmic Box” making a link between us and the universe. As the lab will be used to teach technical skills, having the added element of digital interaction through the mural ties the technology aspect into the design perfectly. We’re excited to see the impact this lab will have on the local community!