About the project

The Solar Community Hubs project was started in partnership with Dell Technologies in 2011. We built our first center in Lagos, Nigeria and then decided to build locally in South Africa from 2013. Since then we expanded the program by installing 16 new labs in South Africa, 2 in Kenya, 1 in Morocco, 1 in Colombia, 1 in Brazil and 3 in Mexico; this brings our total to 25 labs.

We have seen the impact this model can have in previous projects, it’s uniquely designed to bringing about change in difficult environments.

The installation of a lab provides access to technology for the first time and educational benefits, but beyond that, the installation of a Solar Community Hub is a message of inclusion and a force of change by connecting community members to the digital world, while offering additional services such as access to water and electricity which provide holistic benefits to the community they serve.

Our Objective

Our Objective

Provide technological infrastructure, educational services and further community services such as access to electricity, water, and healthcare, promoting biodiversity preservation and leading to increased economic opportunities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To improve education and provide vital community services through technology, in areas where infrastructure and opportunities are limited.
"I can now confidently use the computer for various purposes and this has made me believe that I am not limited in any aspect of my academic life"
Students use their textbooks in the computer lab
Emmanuel Okere
Student of State Senior High School, Lagos Nigeria

How do we Measure Impact

Our Focus Areas

The Lab Design

Single Converted Shipping Container



Designs and illustrations by Squire & Partners

Double Converted Shipping Container

Line Drawing of double Solar Learning Lab


Each Solar Community Hub is equipped with Dell Technologies computers and networking gear, designed to run on a thin-client network with minimal power needs. These products were selected for durability, long life, and energy efficiency. Equipment per hub can vary but generally include:

Solar Community Hubs will feature support from several partners, depending on location.

Our Supporters

Dell has been a key partner in the development and deployment of the Solar Learning Labs, now Solar Community Hubs. Dell is committed to drive digital inclusion by donating funds, the technology, and support to Solar Community Hubs in hopes of building a digitally inclusive world through these community centers.